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I have found the books shown below to be not only valuable historic resources, but interesting reading as well. I am not selling them, just recommending them. (Prices are in the $20-$40 range for each)

Contax S came out in February, 2003. Written in English by German photo historian Alexander Schulz, this book tells the story of the Contax S and its Pentacon descendants from the prewar research work at Zeiss Ikon to the end of production in the 1960s. It contains a wealth of information that is extremely hard to find today, especially in English.

The Univex Story is one of the best researched books I've seen on the American photographic industry. The uniqueness and creativity of Univex and its products makes for interesting reading as well. I've seen this book at a number of places on the Web at wildly varying prices. The author is no longer selling them directly from a dedicated website, but they are still available on eBay... get one while you still can!

Originally released in the 1970s, Glass, Brass & Chrome by Lahue & Bailey is a survey of the American photo industry with strong emphasis on the 35mm market. Long out of print and a cult classic among collectors, the book was re-released as a paperback in 2002 by the University of Oklahoma Press.

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